Plants for copper and copper-based alloys in extrusion plants

Billet Heating Equipment

Over many years, OTTO JUNKER has established a reputation for excellence in the design, manufacture and delivery of high-quality foundry equipment and heat treatment systems for the non-ferrous metals industry.

As part of its range, OTTO JUNKER has developed a series of billet heating systems addressing the needs of semi-finished product manufacturers and processors.

In the design of billet heaters, OTTO JUNKER can draw on its experience gained over decades.

Thanks to the use of standard sub-assemblies and modular units, our customers benefit from reduced investment costs, shorter turnaround times and the certainty of obtaining a technologically proven solution.

Advantages for the customer

  • OTTO JUNKER develops custom solutions tailored to your requirements, acting in close cooperation with your company. Moreover, OTTO JUNKER guarantees close temperature tolerances – an Indispensable prerequisite for optimum product quality.
  • Decades of experience: OTTO JUNKER is capable of providing most advanced and sophisticated equipment (OTTO JUNKER has supplied innumerable gas-fired and induction-type billet heaters since 1924)
  • Unsurpassed design: our furnace systems are built to require minimum maintenance and repairs
  • Experienced and highly skilled installation and commissioning staff: your equipment will be installed quickly and professionally.

The quality of your product stets our standard.

Roller Hearth Furnaces

OTTO JUNKER has over the years earned an excellent reputation for designing, manufacturing and supplying both melting and heat treatment furnace equipment of the highest quality to the non-ferrous industries.

OTTO JUNKER has, as part of the company´s product range, designed and developed a series of roller hearth furnaces for the semi-finished copper industry.

OTTO JUNKERs continuous roller hearth furnaces have been designed using standard modular units which means reduced capital investment costs, reduced delivery times and also offers the peace of mind that equipment is of proven technology.